Thursday, September 18, 2014

Caught in the Act Blog Tour (Review+Giveaway+Excerpt)

Reading books like Caught in the Act remind me of my love for simplicity. I know that I can pick this book up on a stressful day and enjoy a nice, simple, romantic novel--no anxiety involved. Some days a girls just needs a book like this! 

We met Liam and Katie in Full Exposure but don't worry, this book can be read as a standalone novel (I would recommend you to read it first because it's just great story!). 

Katie can't stand Liam. She fell for him when she was young and naive but that's not her anymore. She's now forced to work with him when he offers to buy her family's business. The fact that she doesn't want to sell makes the story even more interesting. 

Liam never forgot Katie. He was stupid for leaving her but he wants her back--now! He has to work with her and her brothers and boy, she does not make it easy on him. 

This story is about rebuilding trust. Liam and Katie are not situated in the most ideal situation, both want something completely different, but they make it work. It takes them a while but the final product it worth it. 

Katie is a lucky girls because she's surrounded with so many people that love her. Reading about her brothers made me wish I had bothers! I'm looking forward to continuing the series! (Next book comes out in 2015) 

Liam slowly opened his eyes, his hands still holding tight to Katie. He didn’t want to let her go, not until he saw the look in her eyes.


She slipped out of his grasp, rolling over until her back lay flat against the blanket. But she didn’t move to cover herself. Her cheeks were flushed as she stared up at him. But this time, it wasn’t the look of a wide-eyed, innocent girl opening up her heart. The woman looking up at him knew what she wanted. She’d gone after it, demanding that he abandon the slow and gentle path.

He sat back on his heels, studying her, when all he wanted to do was wrap his arms around her and never let go. Shit, maybe this time he was the one with the love-struck look.

“You all right?” he asked.

Slowly pushing up on her elbows, she grinned at him. “What do you think?”

Before he could answer, she slid off the bed, heading for the attached bath, her every movement smooth and self-assured. “Don’t answer that. If you don’t know the answer, I think you should try again after dinner. I’ll shower while you work your magic in the kitchen.”

He chuckled, allowing her words to push against the tension. He was ready and willing to try again. He would spend all night learning what she liked, how she’d changed. After all, this was just foreplay …

Minutes later, after he’d pulled on his spare pair of jeans—choosing to skip the shirt and shoes—and retrieved his phone from his bag, Liam headed for the kitchen. He needed to shoot Marvin a quick text and let him know about his boat. He also had to arrange for alternate transportation, but he figured that could wait until morning.

Locating a cutting board, he removed the tofu from the fridge, opened it up, and dumped it on the plastic surface. He stared at it. When he’d grabbed the package at the store, he’d assumed he could toss it on the grill alongside his steak. But it looked like a bar of wet, crumbling soap. He didn’t have the first clue what to do with it.

Down the hall, he heard the shower turn off. His mind abandoned the tofu, choosing instead to picture Katie reaching for a towel and running it over her naked body. He wanted to join her, dry her off, and toss her back on the bed. Forget dinner. He needed a second chance to prove the explosive connection between them ran too deep to walk away from—in and out of the bedroom.

She’d blown him away when she’d said those three little words: Don’t hold back. Her fire and her passion matched his, stroke for stroke. But they couldn’t spend the night in bed. He needed to feed her, care for her, and show her that he wasn’t here just for sex.

He withdrew a knife from the block resting on the island and began slicing the tofu. He’d picked up wooden skewers to grill the vegetables. Adding squares of tofu—if it didn’t crumble to pieces first—might work.

He finished with the soaplike substance and moved on to the vegetables. As he impaled the peppers and mushrooms on the wooden sticks, his thoughts shifted back to Katie. He’d given her every reason to keep her emotions under lock and key. He should have known she wouldn’t turn to him, her expression filled with young love. She’d grown and changed. And hell, he liked the woman she’d become more and more. But he’d hoped for some sign that she felt the same pull he did.

Liam gathered the food and headed for the door leading to the grill. “I sure as hell hope she likes tofu.”


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