Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Damaged Goods Blog Tour (Review+Giveaway)


I've read many of Nicole William's books and fallen in love with so many of characters. She just has a way to writing some of the most enticing characters. 

This novel has a such a great storyline. I didn't expect some of the surprises in this book but I loved them. The only thing about surprises in novels that I hate is that I can't reveal too much in the review I write. Hopefully, I don't but I don't make any promises! BEWARE. 

Will Goods, to me, is male perfection. I seriously found no faults in him. If someone like Will Goods came into my life right now, I would marry them! He was there when Liv needed him the most and never, EVER disappointed the reader. He exuded mystery since he's the boy-next-door with a family that carries a reputation. Liv never stood a chance!

Liv, Liv, Liv. I did not like her, at all. She was stubborn, stupid and selfish. I cannot stand when female leads have any of the qualities I mentioned, but she had ALL three of them. She was such a pessimist but, of course, she called herself a realist, like every other pessimist does. According to my friends, I make her sound worst that she really was. I tolerated with her existence because of Will. Will makes everything, even Liv, tolerable. (Okay, maybe I am being too harsh but I really didn't like her) Up to this point, Liv is the only character from Nicole William's books I don't like. This should NOT stop you from reading this novel! Beside Liv, everything else was perfect! 

Although I haven't read Hard Knox (The Outsider Chronicles #1), Damaged Goods can be read as a standalone novel. I just bought Hard Knox so I'll tell you guys what I think in about a week! 

The author is offering a release giveaway! Visit her Facebook page to enter!

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