Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Falling For Fate Release Day (Excerpt+Giveaway)


Rage consumed her from head to toe. Fate would’ve thrown her glass against the wall if it weren’t a perfectly good waste of wine. No man was worth wasting wine over.
“You’re right, Dean. I lured you onto the beach months ago so we could have that random encounter knowing that you’d end up being my boss. Then I avoided you as much as possible while somehow making you want to pursue me. I’m here now as part of my elaborate plan that involves fucking you blind so I can record the whole thing and show my lawyers before I sue you. You caught me.”
“Fate… I’m sorry. I—”
“No. No more of this bullshit, Dean. I’m done.”
She whirled around to leave, but he grabbed her arm. Acting on instinct, she slapped him hard across the face. Her palm instantly burst into flames.
She’d slapped him even harder than she’d slapped her cheating ex-fiancĂ©. She was angrier this time. Angrier with a man she barely knew than the one she’d dated for years. Nothing made sense. Black spots appeared on the edges of her vision.
She took advantage of his momentary shock to try and escape, but he only gripped her again, pulling her backside tight against his front.
“I said I was sorry. You’re right. It was a ridiculous accusation and I shouldn’t have voiced it out loud.” His words were moist and warm in her ear.
“Go to hell.”
“Forgive me, Fate. We don’t have enough time left for you to stay angry.”
“Fuck you.”
“How about I fuck you until you forget why you’re mad?”
A hissing sound slid through her clenched teeth. “Good luck with that. I’m not sure you’re up for it.”
Dean pressed his erection into her backside. “Oh, I’m up for it. Spread your legs.”
She contemplated denying him. Pictured herself storming upstairs and locking herself in a guest room. But dammit, the asshole owed her some orgasms. So she moved slightly, allowing him access.
“If I don’t come, you take me home. Tonight. Got it?”
Dean let out a dark chuckle. “Sweetheart, if you don’t come, I’ll change my name to Fate’s Bitch and replace the sign on my office door.”
“Deal.” Her knees weakened when he slid a finger beneath her panties.
“Fate?” He parted the swollen lips between her legs. She hadn’t even realized how aroused arguing with him had made her until he dipped into her wetness.
“What do I get if, no, when, I make you come?”
“W-what do you want?”
His hand zeroed in on her clit, and she used all the strength she had left to remain upright. Dean continued holding her upright with the arm around her waist. She clutched the edge of the countertop for added support.
“I want to own you. I want permission to fuck you whenever, however, wherever, until we decide we’re done. Mutually. And I want exclusive rights to your body until then. That thing you said about not being exclusive? Fuck that.” 



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