Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Her Best Shot Blog Tour (Review+Excerpt+Giveaway)

Does anyone else watch American Gypsies or Gypsy sisters on TLC?  I'm obsessed with these shows and was super giddy when I discovered the hero, Phin, was a gypsy! 

Layla is a nerd, she may not look like your typical nerd, but you can tell my looking at her nerdy t-shirts. I thought this was super cute and quirky. However, don't let her looks deceive you, she's an awesome badass. Her future is looking pretty awesome too. She's graduating from MIT in less than a semester and already has a job offering. When she decides to take a small detour in life she encounter Phin. 

Phin lives life by his own rules. He travels, never staying in place for too long. When Layla walks into his life he really doesn't know how to react to her. She makes him feel things he never felt before. 

Layla and Phin are vey strong headed people, which is something I always enjoy reading about. They both have problems in their life that they need to work out and they do, but it takes them a while to work past their problems. I didn't mind this at all. It made the story that much more intense. It also deepened my connection with the characters. 

I really enjoyed this book. It was very realistic and relatable, two qualities that I LOVE. I'm going to continue with the series because I the secondary characters intrigued me. Overall, her best shot exceeded my expectation! 

She held her cue in front of her chest, the line bisecting her, making it difficult to do anything other than focus on her breasts. He reread her shirt and began to think about pie. And Layla naked.
            “So what’d I do wrong?”
            She moved the stick in order to walk, breaking his concentration on her chest. She neared him and asked, “Why did I miss?”
            “You got cocky and it cost your concentration. The first two worked, and, although the third shot should’ve been an easy one, you lost your stance and your bridge was sloppy. You didn’t have enough control. You can’t ever spend time thinking about the last shot. Worst case, you focus on the shot at hand. Best case, you think two or three shots ahead.”
            She tilted her head and narrowed her eyes. “How am I supposed to plan ahead if I don’t know where the balls will land?”
            “You predict. Look, if I try to hit the three into the corner, it’s going to push others out of the way. Where are they going to roll? That’s how I’ll set up my next shot. I can force those balls to land where I want based on how I hit them.” He took a swig of his beer. Layla didn’t respond, but she absorbed what he said. He saw the understanding in her eyes and didn’t need the verbal confirmation.
            “I want the five to move to the left, so I’m going to hit it on the right side with a little spin. I don’t want it to shoot far, just enough.” He leaned down and took the shot. The three swooshed into the corner pocket, and the five lined up exactly where he wanted.
            Layla’s face suddenly brightened. “I got it!” She walked to the opposite corner and rattled off possibilities.
            He nodded and then cleared the solids without looking up. Layla didn’t crowd him and she’d stopped flirting. When the eight fell into the pocket, he straightened and laid his cue on the table. Layla didn’t acknowledge him. Her gaze stayed locked on the remaining balls. Maybe she was so competitive that she was a sore loser.
            “Can I clear the table?”
            Her question surprised him and his face must’ve reflected that.
            “I know you won, big surprise, but I think I see the shots I’d take and want to try.”
            “Knock yourself out. I’m going to get another beer. You want one?”
            “Sure. Thanks.”
            Phin went to the bar and grabbed the beers. When he returned, she was racking the balls.
            “Another game?” Layla asked.
            “Sure. What are we playing for?”
            “I’m a poor college student. I’m still not going to pay you twenty dollars.”
            “Not confident in your ability, huh?”
            “I’m confident in my ability, but you’re a shark. My money’s staying in my pocket.”
            Phin moved closer and handed her a beer. “So what do you have in mind?”
            She tilted her head, as appeared to be habit, and said, “A kiss. I’ve never kissed a guy with hair longer than mine.”

            He reached out and ran his hand over the back of her head, where there wasn’t enough hair to grab. “Not hard to do. Besides, if you want a kiss, all you have to do is ask.”

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