Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Indecent Proposal Release Day (+Review)

When I received the notification that I had received this novel I was ECSTATIC! I read Between the Sheets (book #3 in the series) a couple of weeks ago and when I looked this book up it had fantastic reviews. I also happen to have a special liking of pregnant women in books. Is that weird? Yes, it is! BUT I love how strong the women are and how much groveling the men have to do to get back their women and child back. 

Indecent Proposal kept me up ALL NIGHT. I did not put the book down until 4 am the day I received it! It hooked me from the beginning and before I knew it, I was done. I have a love/hate relationship when this happens with a book. I love it because the book was obviously good enough to make me forget about sleeping. I hate it because I feel the effect of not sleeping the next day. 

Ryan is washed out model barely surviving in New York city. She's remembered for a sexy commercial she did when she was only 17. Now at 32, she's working at a bar--until she meets Harry. A confused, frustrated, depressed man. She gets fired for sleeping with him, but she doesn't really care because that one night with Harry was perfect. 

Harry aka Harrison Montgomery has grown up in the world of politics, he's practically American royalty. Harrison is a man raised in politics but he doesn't carry the same idea or ideals that his father, the governor of Georgia, carries. Now that he's running for Congress the pressure is on. He needs to keep an impeccable image since there are rumors circulation around his father that could potentially hurt him. 

Ryan was a very strong character. She is forced to marry Harrison because of her one-night stand with him but she didn't go down without a fight. When Harrison became a cold bastard, she became the frigid bitch and gave it right back to him and his family. I respected this of her because there were so many things of her past used against her but she never really let them get to her. 

Harrison was a lot harder to like since he went from being a perfect gentleman to an ass in a matter of chapters. He said some pretty cruel things that I did not forget and wanted Ryan, most importantly, to also not forget. That man had to GROVEL towards the end. 

Their relationship was rocky and complicated. Sometimes they acted like everything was perfect and other times they fought and ignored each other. The mood swings from both of them could be annoying but it created a lot of angst. 

Um, can I please have an epilogue for this book? I need to know how their relationship is functioning a couple months after the last chapter (with the baby preferably). This book sucks you in and keeps you invested the whole read. I can't wait for others to get their hands on this baby! :) 


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