Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stealing His Heart Blog Tour (Review+Giveaway)


Yay! This is the second book for the Shillings Agency. I'm a HUGE fan of the Entangled Brazen Romance novels because all the authors are so very talented and passionate about their work. 

This book is surrounds Tara Harris and Jake Forsythe. We were introduced to Jake in an earlier novel, but no prior knowledge of the characters is needed to read this novel. 

Jake is working for the Shillings Agency and his latest case is to identify a thief that surpassed an advanced alarm system at one of a client's house. He needs to find the who is the thief is and has a feeling he knows who it is. I enjoyed getting to know Jake. He has a dark past that he has trouble getting over. However, he's one hot male and he also happens to be an ex-serviceman (always a plus in my book). 

Tara is a talented thief. She steals back previously stolen items, returning them to their rightful owners. I really liked Tara. She didn't steal out of malice, which really wouldn't have bother me. Instead, she has to be kick ass and be some type of Robin Hood hero. 

Tara and Jake have a history together, a really cute history. They used to be partners in crime when they were younger. How cute is that? However, when they took things to the next level, Jake left and Tara still harbors resentment for that. Jake was also the type of guy that believed he was not good enough for Tara, he was, but couldn't see it. In some novel I find this annoying but I think it fits this plot line perfectly. 

I really enjoyed this novel. It's sexy, fun, and entertaining! Jake is one hot male and Tara is one hell of a woman. 4 HEARTS! 

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