Monday, September 29, 2014

Wild Girls Rule Release Day (Review+Giveaway)

I love books that deal with old friends. There something about their relationships that juts make it special. The chemistry takes another level! 

Hailey is a very impulsive person. She does things because she wants to and forgoes thinking about consequences. I really related with her, which made me like her even more. When she flies to New York for a position as a fashion blogger, the magazine closes a week later. She's left with no job in an unknown city. Her brother calls in a favor of an old childhood friend, Andrew. 

Andrew is taking his company to a whole new level. He needs zero distractions because he's expanding his magazine to foreign markets. When Hailey walks in, he can't concentrate. She changed from the last time he saw her. 

Andrew and Hailey try to keep their relationship professional but that's impossible with the attraction they both have towards each other. Hailey starts trying to seduce him from the beginning and Andrew resists as much as he can--until one night in a hotel room. Then their relationship complicates and feelings start to develop past lust.

I truly enjoyed this novel. It was quick, funny read. Hailey was a fun character and Andrew's stern personality made it easy for Hailey to mess with him, a lot. They both try to deny their feelings which complicated the storyline but it just made it fun! Can't wait to continue the series! 

Lord, he was so beautiful. So unapproachable. And while she hated to do this now, when it could very well scare him away, it was eating at her and she had to let it out. Should we talk about what happened back in Atlantic City?
His shoulders stiffened, but he squared his shoulders and turned to look at her straight on. I owe you an apology for the way I treated you, Hailey. I justfreaked out, I suppose. Ive never been involved with an employee before.
Involved, she said carefully. What do you mean by that?
Andrew sighed and momentarily tilted his head back. I think youre an amazing woman, but Im going to level with you. Im not looking for anything serious or long-term.
His words caused a little pinch in her heart, but that was stupid. Shed already told him the same thing.
Dont be crazy, Hails.
This wasnt about love or romance. It was about great sex. She needed to remember that.
She could handle that.
Im not looking for more, either. Then, because it needed to be said, she asked, What are you looking for, Andrew?
I dont know, I…” He sighed, his gaze washing over her. Drinking her in with an intensity that sent a shiver of sinful longing down her spine.
I just know I want you, he finished on a whisper.
Oh, god. Those six little words washed over her, making her as wet as if hed stroked his fingers between her thighs. Or his tongue.
If she had her way, hed be doing both before the day was through.
Putting all her pent-up lust into her next words, she croaked, Then take me.
Her husky words broke the invisible barrier keeping them apart. He strode forward, reaching her in a few short steps.
Dragging her to him, he closed his hands around her ass and lifted her so her legs wrapped around his waist. Their mouths found each other, tongues tangling wildly as if battling for dominance.
This was one fight they were both going to win.
Through her haze of lust and passion she barely noted him moving around. Colliding with the coffee table, then gliding past the couch. Her back hit the wall hard, and then, thank the heavens, he was pressed to her front.
His warm hands slid her dress up her thighs while his hips pumped intimately against hers.
Oh god, that feels so good, she panted.
Yeah? His teeth scraped the sensitive skin on her neck. Do you know how fucking crazy youve driven me this past week?
I can guess. Her fingers tangled in his hair. As crazy as youve made me.
A rumbling sound came from his throat. Those short skirts you wear. The way you bend over when youre standing near my desk…”
What about it? she whispered.
He bit down lightly on her collarbone. You do that on purpose, dont you?
Yes, she gasped without thinking.
He let out a hoarse chuckle. I thought so. How do you think I should repay you for all that torture?

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