Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Abe Blitz (Abe's Workout Tips+Giveaway)

Abe’s Work-Out Tips
Today I want to talk about what stirs me up when I look at Nikki.

First her eyes. Fucking gorgeous: sandy brown and hiding nothing. Anger, confusion, hurt, insecurity, confidence, need, and desire. I know exactly what she is thinking when I look into them and it draws me in at breakneck speed.  

Now, we move on to something I can’t get enough of, ‘dat ass (my inner voice of course. Abe O’Donnell CFO may not say that, but Abe O’Donnell who hung out on the shore knows a great ass).
Nikki’s ass is an eleven on a scale of 1-10. Have I mentioned? Oh yeah, I have.

Nikki’s ass is like the eighth wonder of the world. I work out daily, she doesn’t. Not at all. So the only thing I can come up with (and hell yes I have thought about that ass A LOT!) is squats.

Since she learned how to—squat, she has fast become addicted to it. This is not one hundred percent all right with me. I like control. But she looks damn good –squatting on me.

If you are not born with a nice round firm ass, you are not alone. Like I said, I have to work out every day. I love it, but if you don’t, I am going to give you some ass tightening tips to use while—squatting.

We will call this Bedroom Booty Camp or BBC, lesson one.

BBC lesson one…squats. Your man is laying there ready for your fine ass to climb up on it. He doesn’t want the typical squat like your sitting in a chair. That could be dangerous. He want’s BBC squats.

Stand above him with your feet wider than shoulder length apart, giving him one hell of a view. Your hands can be on your hips or cupping you tits. Bend your knees over your feet keeping your ass clenched nice and tight. Give him a little twerk action; reverse cowboy would be awesome for BBC squats. Start with ten reps.  

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