Monday, October 20, 2014

Breakdown Blog Tour (Review +Giveaway)

I really enjoyed this book. It had some unexpected twists but overall, it was a short, sweet read with one HOT male character. 

Amy Porter is in love with her brother's best friends. LOVE THIS! I absolutely adore the best friend falling for the sister. It's been written many times but I never get tired of it. I like Amy. She went through a lot, so she was careful about giving her heart away. This added more emotional depth to the overall plot. 

NATE. Oh. My. Why do I love him? Because he's so sweet! Gosh, can I have this man's babies. Yes, I do love him so much. He was so romantic. He's Amy's brother's best friend but that doesn't mean that he does not like staring at Amy. There are so many obstacles in his way from getting the final product but her perseveres. Yeah, I love him. 

Overall, this book was nice read to sit by the fire and just enjoy. 


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