Friday, October 24, 2014

Finding You Blog Tour (Review+Giveaway)

I'm a HUGE Elizabeth Lee fan! I fell in love with her books while reading Where There's Smoke (I truly recommend that book, btw!). I wasn't sure if Escaping Me and Finding You were going to live up the expectation I had of her books, but they did! 

Escaping Me and Finding You revolve around two sisters, Whitney and Mallory, respectively. Both are very different but are trying to find their purpose. Both characters are super relatable, but Mallory and I instantly connected. 

Mallory discovers that  the asshole of a dad she thought she had is not her real dad. She goes to find her real father because she hopes to form some relationship with him. It takes her a while to get to courage to tell her real dad who she is. I thought this was understandable. She had been lied to for her entire life! She ends up living in an apartment on top of her father's garage. That's where she meets Everett, her next door neighbor. 

As mentioned before, Mallory and I clicked. She was an easy character to like. Not once did I get annoyed with her, which is rare for me not to do! 

Everett is an ex pro golfer. He hasn't played golf in three years and doesn't plan to. His daily routines normally don't include anybody else. He lives in misery due to something that happened three years in the past. Everett was hard not to like. He was a hottie! 

Everett and Mallory start with a very rocky relationship that only revolves around sex, but when does that ever work? They strengthen each other in ways nobody else could. They were perfect for each other! 


ESCAPING ME (#1) Goodreads

FINDING YOU (#2) Goodreads

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