Sunday, November 9, 2014

Long Hard Ride (+Review)


The Rough Riders are my favorite cowboy romance novels! I have not read them all, and I definitely did not read them in order, but this series is so uniquely special. If you haven't read them, please start! You will not get tired of it. 

Books that contain threesomes or some type of open relationship are hard for me to enjoy. With that being said, Lorelei James did a fantastic job making all the scenes one hundred percent sexy and tolerable! 

Colby Mckay is obviously my favorite person in this novel. The Mckay family is hard not to love! His an alpha male that knows exactly who he wants, and he wants Channing. When he gets his hands on her, he can't let go because he knows that he's found something way more special that someone that keeps him warm at night. Colby was possessive, passionate, and untamed, just like I like my men ;) 

Everyone in Channing's life thinks she is having a life-crisis. She left her family to travel with a bunch of cowboys. (FYI, I would totally love to do this! Cowboys are my type of men!) When she leaves her first cowboy behind, she goes to Colby because he has a lot to offer. 

Overall, this book was great! I wish I would have read is sooner. Now I need to go back and reread all the other Rough Riders novels to try to get a glimpse of Colby. I have to admit that it's not my favorite of the series but it sets up the setting very nicely for the future novels. 


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