Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rev (+Review)

Up to this point, I will admit, this is my favorite novel in the series. Two more novels are schedule to proceed this novel, but as of right now, this is my favorite! This novel takes you on a roller coaster ride, a very fun, interesting, compelling roller coaster. My words do it no justice so READ IT! 

Holly is a high school counselor. She's heard of the Forsaken MC club that runs the town but has never really encountered them. When she does, she wishes she never did. She's instantly attracted to Grady but does not give it at all. She hates him from the beginning and keeps it that way for a really long time. 

Grady does't know with Holly. She mouths him and makes his life hell. However, when she's in danger he has to protect her. Grady is such a complex man. I thought I hated him when I read the previous novels, I don't. I sympathize with him, more than I have ever had with any other character. His life hasn't easy, but he accepts him and loves the outcome of some the of the shitty things that he has gone through. 

Holly and Grady make me smile. These two were tailored perfectly for each other. I can't continue reading the series because I want to read more about these two! 

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