Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ride (+Review)

This book might have given me serious whiplash. One minute they liked each other but the other they didn't. It is a MC novel so that should be expected.

Alex is daughter of Carlos Macuso, a mob leader. Her father tailored her from the beginning, trying to make her the perfect future mob wife. However, she's doesn't want what her father wants from her. That all changes the night she reveals something to the wrong person. She's not safe with her family any longer after that night.

Ryan is the son of the Forsaken MC leader. When his stepmother, Ruby, asks for a personal favor, he does it. It might be dangerous but Ruby is the only mother he has ever known. He wold do anything for her even if it means traveling cross-country to save mob daughter Alex.

Alex makes Ryan feel something he's never felt before and he doesn't like it. He tries to distance himself from her but his resolve is weak. These two lovebirds are exasperating! They hate each other, they try to make each other jealous, but in the end just fall back on each other. Ryan is a frustrating man who will not admit that he feels anything for Alex. He repeatedly tells her that she is not worth it (not in those exact words). Umm, excuse me? What type of man says that. Ryan does. However, in the end his action are redeemable because he's just awesome in that way. Patience is the key to this novel!

I really enjoyed the beginning but the middle, not so much. I would have enjoyed it if the book would have ended sooner and if some of the whiplash could have been avoided. I love the Alpha males in MC novels and this one did not disappoint!

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