Wednesday, December 3, 2014

For Valentine's Cover Reveal (Excerpt+Giveaway)

Release Day: January 5, 2015
I woke with a charged jolt.
Or was I still dreaming? Sure as fuck felt like it: heart racing, body sweating, full breath just out of reach.
But then in the middle of the cold, pitch-black room, warmth suddenly covered me—smooth skin, tempting curves, endless territory of the best thing that existed to get lost in, plenty of therapy to cure what ailed me.
“You okay, babe?” Hannah asked.
Soft lips covered mine seconds later, cutting off my ability to reply. Didn’t need to. She knew.
I sighed as my tense muscles eased under her touch. “Yeah. Just a bad dream.”
Nightmare, actually. Didn’t know the fuck why, but they kept coming. Right at the time I had everything I wanted, the only thing I needed—Hannah.
But the fact that we’d gotten married hadn’t seemed to register down to my subconscious. Nope. Apparently some twisted issue had been buried deep into my psyche and still needed to be worked out.
One reason why the upcoming weekend was so important.
“Another nightmare?” Gentle kisses trailed along my jawline. “What are they about?”
Dark. Filled with anguish. Tormented images. Of my ex. But no way in hell would I tell Hannah that. Didn’t want to give more thought to the mental clusterfuck than necessary. So I admitted all I could. “Shadows from behind, threatening me. Choking me.” True fucking shit.
“What can I do to help?”
I closed my eyes. “Just love me.”
A silky curtain of hair shifted across my cheek. Her faint tropical scent surrounded me. Puffs of warm breath fogged over my lips.
Neither of us could make out the other in the darkness, and yet, we saw everything.
She stretched her entire body like a lazy cat, arms reaching beyond my head, over my pillow, legs vibrating along mine before the bottoms of her feet dragged up my calves. Then in one smooth arching movement, she curved her hips, grinding down onto me.
I groaned low, cock hardening.
Her upper body pressed heavier onto my chest as she wrapped her hands underneath my shoulders, tightening her hold on me. “I do. I love you, Cade Michaelson, with all my heart. I always will. Never doubt that.”
To prove her claim, she began to love me. Her body might’ve been the device, but her heart powered the engine. Every kiss held more heat, even in their gentleness. Her fingers pressed harder as she rubbed them down my arms, then back up over my shoulders.
Not sure exactly when the switch flipped. But it happened. Our tenderness flowed into what it often did: something carnal.
Hard fingernails raked across my chest as her sudden gasp sounded out. Hot breath fanned over my cheek. Her hips ground down harder as a low groan from her throat dragged into one of those decadent purrs I loved so much.
And she hadn’t even taken me inside her body yet.
A shudder tremored through her as I ran my hands over her shaking thighs. After sliding over the flare of her hips, I gripped her sexy ass. Not hard, not taking control, but just enough to let her know I had her.
Teeth gently bit the skin over my jawbone on the side of my chin. “Bet I can give you better dreams,” she whispered.
I groaned as she curved her pelvis and wet heat slid over me, coating my rigid length. “No doubt,” I growled out between labored breaths.
Hers had reduced to short gasps followed by low moans. Anticipation had her riding the razor’s edge of pleasure she loved to balance on. Dragging it out took her there faster and hotter, whether or not she was the one doing the teasing.
But this time she was in charge, taking care of me. And I let her. I needed every bit of the love she delivered.

Her body trembled harder, both from the restraint she barely held onto and from her arousal. She was there, hovering over at the brink, ready to fall.
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