Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hooked Cover Reveal (+Excerpt)

Release Day: February 3, 2014
 “I’m going to kiss you,” he warned.

“It’s about time.” I barely managed to finish speaking before his lips were on mine, silencing me. It wasn’t common for people to be able to shut me up so easily. I had to give Huck credit. Kissing was a very effective method.
One of his hands was on my hip, pulling me against him while the other was on the back of my neck, fingers clutching in the loose weave of my braid. I ran my hands up his chest and he murmured my name in response before I hooked my fingers behind his neck and pulled him in closer. His mouth opened to mine and our tongues met with heavy breaths and begging lips. Huck leaned into me, walking me up against the wall behind my door, pressing his hips into mine. My lips broke away from his as I let out a moan at the contact. He did it again and I closed my eyes as I felt the tingling effects of pleasure unfurling through my body. His head dipped to the curve of my neck as he nipped a few hungry kisses along the skin there and at that moment, I thought I might stop breathing. How could the simple touch of his lips have such an effect on me?
I was vaguely aware that I’d been sweating in the hot sun all morning, had just eaten a huge hamburger, and probably tasted like avocados and salt. But I didn’t care. His lips were on my skin and I wanted to let him taste any part of my body he wanted. I pushed my fingers up into his thick hair, dragging my nails lightly across his scalp. He growled, bringing his mouth back to mine.
“Do that again,” he ordered, his lips moving against mine before his tongue was tracing the edges of my satisfied smile.
I did as he asked, allowing my fingernails to stray lightly through his hair, down his neck, and along his back until they found the hem of his shirt. Huck’s hands were framing my ribs, his thumbs circling lightly against the fabric of my tank top, inching it up as he kissed me. I bunched the bottom of his t-shirt in my hands, using it to push us away from the wall. He pulled away from the kiss, eyes stormy with desire and amusement as he allowed me to slowly force him backwards. When his knees hit the seat of my chair, I pushed him down into it. It was a garish, odd thing that I’d found at an antique store last year and asked Jay to re-upholster for me. It had always been more for looks than use, but as I stood staring down at the undeniably sexy man sitting in it, I was not only grateful I’d rescued it, but thankful it didn’t have arms either.
I placed my hands on Huck’s shoulders and then carefully walked forward until I was straddling him. I slowly sat down until the backs of my thighs touched the top of his, the juncture of our legs separated by only a few pieces of clothing that I suddenly wished weren’t there. He made a low noise in response, but my mouth was already on his, swallowing his incoherent cursing with insistent kisses. He groaned as I gently rolled my hips forward.
“You’re too much, Cat.”
“Too much how?” I demanded, nipping at his lips with light kisses, dragging my nails through his hair, and pushing my hips into his again.
“Everything. All of you. God, I can’t think straight.”

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