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Loving You is Easy Blog Tour (Review+Excerpt+Giveaway)


Any story that has to do with soldiers, I want to read. I love reading about military heroes and their opportunity for a happy ever after. They are the ones that deserve it. Although the stories are not completely real, the problems that present themselves are.

Loving You is Easy is a different book from the other military stories. There's pain and betrayal, but most importantly, there's love and courage to fight. I think it is one of the realest stories I've read about veterans. 

Brooke trusted Shane with some of the most daring photos she has ever taken. She wanted to build something with him after he returned from tour, but now she can't. Her pictures were leaked and being a teacher and daughter of a politician, it's a big deal. 

Shane never imagined Brooke pictures would be made public but he had nothing to do with it. He tries to save the situation, but there's not much that can do. 

Brooke is the type of girl that doesn't take risks. She just lives her life, worries about herself, and doesn't draw attention to herself. She fights for Shane until the end because she truly loves him. However, I wasn't a big fan of hers. He stubbornness and innocences, in my opinion, were a bit annoying at time. When I read a novel, I always want a strong heroine and Brooke just didn't cut it for me. 

Shane's attitude throughout the novel was understandable. He suffered from PTSD so he was hot and cold. On one hand, he wanted to help Brooke for the mess he kind of caused, but on the other hand, he didn't want to get too close to her. He was badly injured in his last tour so he's self-conscious on what he can and can't do. Shane really demonstrates's the struggle of a soldier. 

This book was okay. It had its strong parts, but it also had its weak parts. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys military romance novels

The day had finally come. After eight months of letters, e-mails, and Skype sessions, today sweet, thoughtful, wonderful, Shane Develen would be returning home from Afghanistan for a five-day leave. Finally Brooke would get to meet him in person for the very first time. If there weren’t so many people she may very well have skipped toward her destination.

No, probably not.

“Excuse me.” She squeezed around a large, not-so-nice-smelling man to get a better view of the crowded arrivals area at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Over the years she’d watched hours and hours of YouTube videos of soldiers returning home from war to ecstatic families, wives, children, girlfriends, and fiancĂ©es. Soldiers meeting their babies for the first time, or—her personal favorites—soldiers dropping down to one knee and proposing to their special someone right off the airplane or ship.

Via the computer she’d witnessed hundreds of heartfelt, loving, tearful yet joyous reunions. Today it was her turn to experience one for real, although hers would be more of a “Welcome Home” introduction than reunion. Excited energy fluttered around her belly like a family of hungry hummingbirds. Brooke wanted to smile big, bounce on her toes, and scream, “What’s taking so long?”

Instead she wrapped her arms across her midsection as tight as she could and called on every ounce of restraint in her possession to remain calm and poised, because that’s what Ellsteins did, at least in public.

A person in her general vicinity had recently smoked a cigar. Another had forgotten his or her deodorant. A third had on way too much cologne, yet it failed to effectively mask the other odors. Breathing had become an adventure. From which pocket of air would her next breath come? Oh! Apparently someone had eaten tacos for dinner.

Bodies stood too close, probably defiling the scent of her perfumed lotion. Luckily she’d chosen wisely with a soft cotton maxi dress that wouldn’t wrinkle. Strangers bumped and pushed and stepped on her new white strappy flats and freshly pedicured toes. But when a sticky red lollipop made contact with the arm of her white cashmere sweater, Brooke moved to find a new waiting spot in a less populated area.

When she was a bit farther away than she’d wanted to be, but in a quieter area with a clear view, her thoughts turned back to Shane. Would he be happy to see her? She bit her lip for the hundredth time, wondering if maybe surprising him wasn’t the best idea.

Would he hug her or kiss her? Sure, Shane had made his stance on not wanting a girlfriend quite clear. But they’d shared a lot of very personal things with each other, over the past few months especially. They’d grown close—much closer than casual friends, at least from her perspective. 
Hoping he felt the same way, she popped another breath mint into her mouth, ready, just in case.
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