Monday, December 15, 2014

Ready or Not Blog Tour (+Review)


Before I began reading Ready or Not, I had been reading other novel with a similar plot. I wasn't too happy with the end result of the other one so I was a little weary about having to read this one. Luckily for me, as I got lost in Ready or Not, all the dislikes of the other book were irrelevant because this was its own novel, a very good one!

Liv is living a very different life than what she grew up in. She's content with her life but she's missing a vital part that she doesn't know about. Liv is daughter of a politician who expected things of her she wasn't willing to give up. I thought the book could have been a bit more clear on what created the separation between Liv and her father. It was a very straightforward explanation, but I felt I needed more from her. To others it might not seem that way, but for me it was.

Liv is a very approachable characters. She's a very nonjudgemental, easy-going woman. She's someone who would compliment you on the street and would make your day so much brighter.

Jackson has been raising his son by himself all his life. He moves into a new city, hoping for the best. While trying to adjust he finds himself falling for his next door neighbor, and quickly. Jackson didn't try to rid himself of his emotions. He accepted them and eventually charmed Liv enough for her to accept her feelings too. He was a great hero. His love for his son is unconditional, which was so sweet to read about.

I normally don't like children in novels. In this novel, Noah plays a vital part so he's a necessary characters.

J.L. Berg's writing is so clean! She's an exceptional writer and I love reading novels by her. Can't wait for the next one!

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