Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ripped Blog Tour (+Review)

I love Katy Evans! I had the opportunity to meet her this year and she was one of the sweetest women I've ever met. How does she write these incredibly sexy novels like Ripped? I have no idea, but I love her for it.

This novel was one I had been anticipating the release since she announced it was being written. I'm a huge fan of the Real series. I was fortunate enough to get an early copy of Ripped and was beyond ecstatic. I did not sleep that night! It was worth the lack of sleep! I'm even going to go as far to say that RIPPED is my favorite in the series!

Pandora is a dark character. Her soul is filled with bitterness and hate for a person she hasn't seen in years, Kenna. BK, Before Kenna, she was a teenager filled with hope and happiness. AK, After Kenna, she's just exists to exist. She has no real purpose. Kenna destroyed her and she can't forgive him.

When I began this book, I was surprised of the intensity of Pandora's hate. I thought I wasn't going to relate to her. She had a bad attitude for not apparent reason, but you find out that she has gone through so much and you can't help but sympathize. She doesn't deserve what happened to her. Throughout the novels she grows so much. She lets go of some of the bitterness she carries and is able to carry an almost normal life.

Kenna is a rockstar. He can get whatever he wants and can do whoever he wants to. Kenna didn't have the best childhood, but he had Pandora to keep him strong. When he doesn't have her anymore, he leaves. All his career has been to prove Pandora that he's worth something, except he never expected to see her again. Kenna doesn't want to feel anything for Pandora when he sees her again, but he does.

Kenna is another intense character. He's a tough dude but lately it's not enough for him. I really enjoyed reading about Kenna.  Again, I didn't expect to like him, but I ended up LOVING him. He embodies all the qualities of a rockstar and a sweet, romantic dude.

This book is a MUST read. It's 100% one of my favorite 2014 releases. Katy Evans, keep on doing what you're doing because you're incredible!

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