Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dare to Surrender (+Review)

I love reading romance books. I read at least one a week. I'm a student so I have lots of time to do that! Anyways, there are so many romance books out there by so many awesome authors. With that being said, I'm not even close to reading all the romance books out there. Not even close. I don't even think that's possible. I enjoy picking up a book and recognizing the author who wrote it. I LOVE it when I don't know who the author is and enjoy reading the book either way. All the authors out there are heroes to me so even if I don't enjoy one book by them, I will move on and read another book by them. 

Carly Phillips' novel is one that, according to Goodreads, hundreds of people enjoy it. So many people gave it 5 stars. However, I have to be honest on my blog and write what I thought while reading it. Unfortunately I did not like but that doesn't mean that I will not read another book by her, because I will. (Sorry for the rambling, I just thought people should know how I feel)

Isabelle has been controlled for years by Lance, a longtime ex-boyfriend, and when she manages to break things off with him, she's not sure what to do with her life. Gabriel Dare comes sweeping in. 

I disliked Isabelle. I felt like she tried too hard to not be a gold digger. She was constantly reminding herself that she was not after him for his money. I thought she was trying to justify her actions. She was also a very weak heroine. As strong as she tried to be, it wasn't convincible to me. 

Gabriel was also hard to like. He fell for her from the beginning, that was obvious. However, he was over- exaggerated possessive. I like alpha men, but not like Gabriel. I also felt like he had no depth in his character. There was a story behind Gabriel's need to be the caregiver, but I felt like that didn't really justify him. Also, when he finally reveals that story, he just breezes through it. 

I would have liked more depth from all the characters. However, by reading other reviews I know that this is not the first book Gabriel appears in the series so maybe I'll go back and read the rest of Dare to Love series. 

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