Saturday, January 17, 2015

Love So Hot Blog Tour (Review+Giveaway)

Marquita Valentine writes some of the most entertaining books! I'm really looking forward for this series. I met some great characters in this novel that I want to know more about. I can't wait to get my hands on the other books!

Sydney is a good girl. She's so cool that guys treat her like one of the guys. She doesn't want to be one of them, she wants to sleep with them. However, there's one guy that she really, really wants but happens to be her best friend. Brody Lawson. She takes a chance and bets on him, literally bets on him, and they start a relationship. This relationship is not your typical one. It's more like fake relationship where Brody teaches her to seduce a man. Except she doesn't want to seduce any man, she wants Brody.

Brody is such an alpha male. He doesn't think that a girl like Sydney would ever end up with a guy like him. He believes that she deserves better but that doesn't stop him from wanting her. He's made it hard for guys to want to go out with her because he threatens them. I love men who protect their women. I love men who are firefighters (I really do! I'll stop and stare at them!). Brody's only flaw was that he was blind when it came to Sydney. She would tell him that she wanted him, but wouldn't believe her.

There's not much to say about Sydney. She's a bank teller who loves her small town. She's had a crush on Brody for a long time but has never had the balls to tell him that she wants him for herself. She slowly gains confidence throughout the novel, but she was just there. She didn't do anything spectacular, in my opinion, that would make her an outstanding character.

This story had a great plot. Sydney and Brody had an established friendship so it doesn't take long for a physical relationship to be established. As mentioned before, I thought it had great secondary characters that enriched the story. The novel has dual points of views so you're able to see have both sides of the story. Can't wait for the next one!

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