Friday, January 16, 2015

Standing By (+Review)

I'm really excited about Claudia's work! After reading Standing By, I really think Claudia is going to become a well-known author in the indie world. I highly recommend you to pick this novel up and read it! 

Hayley comes from a dysfunctional family, like really dysfunctional! Her mother "loves" her but is constantly critiquing everything. Her family doesn't take her job serious and believes she will eventually fail. Hayley is a delicate flower. She's soft, pretty, and owns a bakery. However, she doesn't have the love a child should have. She deals with the pain in different ways. Hayley likes lists.  She likes having notepads and writing what needs to be done in them. She's doesn't appear to be a strong heroine, but as you invest yourself in the book you realize just how strong she is. 

Mitch could be annoying at time, but regardless a lovable character. He's a twin and likes hanging out with his brothers. However, things are changing in his life and needs to adjust with them. He gives Hayley grief, but I thought it was more like flirting. 

I think the first book should be read before diving into this one. It can be a standalone novel, but sometimes I felt a bit like an outsider in the story not really knowing who was who. Truthfully, that only happened in the beginning. 

I will definitely continue following this author! She's was able to create a feel-good novel that I really enjoy and that's hard to do nowadays. 

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