Saturday, January 31, 2015

Uninhibited (+Review)

Melody Grace's flawless books are impossible not to love. When I read the first book of the

Beachwood series, I was gone. It was such a beautiful story. After that book, I was hooked. I couldn’t 

stop reading her books! I’m a Melody Grace addict. 

I was a bit afraid of the outcome of this novel. If you’ve kept up with the Beachwood series, you 

know Alicia from Unafraid (Brittany & Hunter) and Dex appears toward the end of Unconditional 

(Garrett & Carina). These characters hadn’t played major roles in the other novels, so I wasn’t sure if 

I was going to like what I read. Fortunately, I did. 

Alicia has always been in love with one person. That one person is unattainable now and when Dex 

enters her life he makes her forget everything. She likes how she makes her feel and agrees to spend 

one week with him. However, as times starts running out she will have to figure out if she can forget 

about the “one who got away” or if she can love Dex the way he deserved to be. 

I found it hard not to feel bad for Alicia. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because I think that’s what 

Melody Grace was aiming for. She’s this woman that hasn’t really been loved because she has always 

been waiting for this one guy. With Dex, she has no inhibitions. She’s just so free and so much 

lighter. Alicia, I must admit, is one of my favorite female characters in this series. 

Dex is a tortured man. He’s a well-known artist who has suffered. He keeps a lot of emotions bottled 

up which, of course, is not healthy. Alicia is able to reach deep within him to bring out the man he 

wishes he could be. Dex is the type of man that can’t be ignored. He’s a passionate characters who 

falls quickly. 

Alicia and Dex both learn throughout the novel that new doesn’t necessarily mean bad. I loved 

reading about these two characters that needed love in their lives find it within each other. 

This book is preceded with a FREE, short novella. Yes, it must be read before Uninhibited. I’m going 

to start reading Unstoppable, the next novel in the series, very soon! 

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