Tuesday, January 6, 2015

With A Twist Blog Tour & Release Day (+Review)

WOW! I'm completely in love with Sawyer Bennett's work. Book after book, she's proven to be an exceptional writer. She's able to create a world that makes me never want to stop reading. I'm always excited when I read another Sawyer Bennett book because she has never disappointed me! 

The Last Call series revolves around a group of friends (some of them are related) that live in a coastal town. With a Twist is the 4th book in the series. Wyatt was introduced in the previous books but didn't play a major role in any of the books. 

Agent Andrea Somerville is asked to go undercover as a stripper and she agrees. Her life is currently very monotonous. After being dumped by her boyfriend for being a career-minded woman, she needs change. Andrea comes out as being simple and plain old Jane, but she's not. She's a complicated being. Andrea has always had a goal in mind but has never had the opportunity to achieve it. Going undercover is the perfect thing she needs on her resume. She's not afraid to get what she wants and will do everything she can to get it. She reminded me a lot of Gracie from Miss Congeniality (movie). 

Wyatt is a man. He's one hell of a hot man. He oozes hotness! He meets Andrea while undercover and feels like she can compromise his position. However, that all changes on her first night on the job. She audition as a stripper and his ahem gets a little too excited. Wyatt is a sweet guy. I didn't think I wold love him as much as I do. He's a very understanding guy that carries a lot of passion. 

The first half of the story revolved around Wyatt and Andrea being undercover. They are in a pretty dangerous situation which makes the story so much exciting. It also means that Wyatt and Andrea are in some pretty sexy situations because she is a stripper! However, the second half of the story revolve around Wyatt and Andrea trying to work on a relationship outside their assignment. 

I LOVED IT! This book was so much more than I expected it to be. It was an exciting, very entertaining read. I have reread it so many times since finishing it! This books gets me pumped up for all of Sawyer Bennett's upcoming releases! YAY! 

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