Thursday, June 25, 2015

Whisper Beach Blog Tour (+Review)


This book is a definite page-turner! You won't be able to stop reading until you've read it ALL. Whisper Beach was such pleasant surprise. I was not expecting to have so much excitement while reading it. The flawless writing of Whisper Beach made it so easy to like it. Shelley Noble was able to intrigue me with her style of writing and her plot, which a rare gift that many authors don't have!

The book takes place in a beach town on the Jersey Shore that I can still vividly picture in my head. It is the ideal place I would like to spend my summer vacation on. The residents of the town are exactly what you expect to be--warm and friendly. Everything about this place called my attention! Anyways,  Van returns to her hometown after years away because her cousin's husband died. While in town, she starts to reconnect with old friends and with an old flame.

To be honest, Van was not my favorite character in the book (Dorie was my favorite one!). Her troubling past pushes her to succeed in life, but she gets caught up on herself. I truly sympathized for her, on some occasions. There were times, nonetheless, that were difficult for me to side with here. She did have some redeeming qualities that made her a more enjoyable character.

I loved the plot of this book! All the characters contributed, in some way or the other, into making this book such an entertaining read. Shelley Noble wrote an excellent novel that I will, without a doubt, read again!

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  1. Wow, it looks like this book really surprised you in all the right ways! I'm so glad you can recommend it so highly. Thanks for being a part of the tour!